Young Professionals

Are you just starting your career or only a few years in? Transitioning into and maneuvering the daily grind of the work world can be both challenging and exciting. Take a look at Brian’s insights targeted to the young professional community.  Here he offers tips and guidance that are relevant and similar to the challenges you are facing every day, as well as the lessons learned by others when they stood in your shoes.

Rising Managers

With some experience under your belt, more responsibilities, greater expectations, and possibly even a few people reporting to you, your career has become both exciting and challenging. Take a look at Brian's thoughts and advice on how to continue your rise into management while also becoming an effective and productive leader.


26 or 62... owning your own business has no age limit, nor is there a limit to the difficulties and uncertainties every entrepreneur will face. As someone who started as a one-person business and now grown into multiple businesses generating over $100 million every year, Brian translates his experiences into advice and tips from which every new or aspiring entrepreneur can benefit and grow their business.

Latest Insights

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