10+ minutes

Perspectives from a Construction Industry Leader with Brian King

Building businesses and buildings from the ground up. Brian King, CEO of A M King discusses the truth about entrepreneurship.

3 minutes

Business Is Personal, But Don’t Force Personal Into Business

Be mindful of those you choose to welcome into business endeavors. Behavior in professional settings reveals more about people than you may initially think.

4 minutes

Navigating The Subconscious Struggles of Our Cross-Generational Workforce

The impact of workplace diversity is undoubtedly beneficial, but how do we effectively address generational differences?

5 minutes

5 Reasons Following Your Passion May Not Be The Best Career Move

While “follow your passion” is a phrase we’ve all heard a time or two, take a look at the 5 reasons why this advice should actually be avoided.

3 minutes

4 Simple Remedies To Avoid Burnout & Manage Your Boss' Expectations

It can be easy to work long hours when your boss never stops working. Here are a few tips to avoid burn-out.

2 minutes

Feeling Overworked With Too Much To Do?

Understanding how and what to get things done can be a challenge. Take a look at how to develop priority management.

4 minutes

The Advantages of Being Overworked & Underpaid

Being overworked and underpaid can have its advantages. See how you can flip the lens.

Speaking Engagement
7 minutes

Community Leadership

In this speaking engagement, Brian discusses how important it is to have work/life balance and be involved in the community.

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