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What Does Servant Leadership Look Like?

June 15, 2021

As a CEO, I promote the idea of personal responsibility a lot. In fact, it’s in the mission statement of my first and largest company. And it's really one of the principles that has guided us through the years.

This simply means taking personal responsibility for the work you do, whether that's working with a client or coworkers, or on a process or project. It is all about owning what you're doing and making sure that you're doing it the best you can, while seeking the best results for your coworkers, clients, and employees. Personal responsibility is taking your work to the next level and making it all about others.

Achieving a culture of personal responsibility is done through servant leadership. If you're serving a customer, how can you best serve that customer? If you're working for an individual, what can you do to make sure that individual succeeds? There's an immense amount of power in going beyond personal responsibility into servant leadership and trying to understand what you can do to benefit others within your business circle. And once you get to that point, it's almost impossible not to succeed.