The 3 Key Elements for Setting and Meeting Your Goals

May 24, 2018

With the New Year comes resolutions. This became very apparent to me just after New Year’s Day when I went to the YMCA with my wife and saw almost twice as many people there then I saw in December. When I told her and my annoyance at having to wait to use the equipment, she responded, “Don’t worry, many of them will be gone in a few weeks, when they give up on their resolution to get in shape. It happens every year.”

Many people still make resolutions at the beginning of a new year. And whether it is to lose some weight, get in shape, save more money, take that special trip, or any other matter that they desire, these resolutions are all made with good intentions. But the problem is not in starting, but with the follow through.

Every year at my company, we make resolutions for the New Year, but we call them goals. These goals are developed through a strategic planning process, with a great amount of thought and consideration, and a focus on fulfilling both our mission and vision as a company. We assign every goal to a specific individual, and then put into place a process to support that individual so he or she be successful. We also have a system to follow-up on these goals, to make sure that we are on track, that the intent of the goals has not changed, and that we can make sure that we are allocating the proper resources whether it is time, money, or some other necessary item. We are excited about the challenges these goals will present, and the opportunity to meet those challenges and succeed. And most of the time we succeed in meeting our objectives.

Just as it’s important for a company to set goals, it’s equally important for the individuals. Many people have aspirations or dreams that that they think about, dwell upon, or simply hope to accomplish. However, most never realize these dreams for the simple reason that they don’t set goals for themselves. Or, even worse, if they do set goals, they fail to meet them because their goals do not consist of the elements necessary for success.

All goals must involve three elements and they include being:

• Measurable,

• Achievable,

• And in writing.

Each of these elements are explained in more detail on my website, so feel free to read more about what they mean and how to apply them to your life.

I encourage you to set clear goals that are relevant to not only your personal success but also to the success of your family, your career and those that you work and live with on a daily basis. By doing this, and making sure that they are measurable, achievable and in writing, I am confident that you will achieve your goals and reap the benefits of their accomplishment.

Brian T. King is the founder and owner of multiple firms encompassing design, construction, real estate, and manufacturing, and currently president of the integrated Design-Build firm A M King. Brian shares his passion for mentoring young professionals, rising managers and entrepreneurs at speaking engagements around the country, on podcasts and via his blog.

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